China CAS No.:271-63-6 factory

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Tacon group, is a private Chinese company that specializes in providing of the customized service on advanced intermediates, APIs, and dosage forms for pharmaceuticals and chemical industry, also investing in test kits, Cosmetics chemicals, and Agrochemical field etc..
TACON is a CSO (Custom Service Organization) company in China, we can provide many integrated services to customers, including CQ(Contract Quality Control),CM(Contract Manufacturing),CR (Contract Research) and CS(Contract Sourcing) service.
With the continuous upgrading of pharmaceutical products, China as a large producer of pharmaceutical products, our company concerned about the development and sale of new drugs in this field, and the future direction of development. We welcome you to understand the Chinese market more quickly through us. We can solve your problems in China and become part of your competition in the Chinese market
Hangzhou Shitai Biochemicals Co.,LTD,
located in West business center, Hangzhou, China.Providing the Contract Research,Contract Manufacturing,Contract Quality control.
Hangzhou Tacon Co.,ltd
Located in Hongkong, China,providing the Custom Service Organization service.
Interpharm  Corporation
Providing the information for the korea chemicals market.and provide the services for korea company.
Tacon research center is located in Shanghai.
Provide the services of R & D work from product development to Chinese and mass production.China CAS No.:271-63-6 factory

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