Porous PTFE Coated Fiberglass manufacturers

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Nonstick Porous PTFE Foil
PTFE foil porous is with light PTFE coating to made it to be breathable while retain nonstick property, porous PTFE fabric allows products outgassing through the fabric and resin bleed through. We have the ability to strike the balance between porous and good release properties. These two unique features makes porous PTFE film useful for applications like carbon fiber composite mold release, curing rubber, plastics foams and sponge.
● Withstand high temperature from -73-260 ℃(-100-500℉)
● Non-stick surface, and low friction
● Good air permeability, allows product cure and outgas through the fabric
● Electric insulation
● Abstain from all the chemicals and solvent
● Excellent tear resistant and dimensional stable
● Non-toxic and FDA approved, can touch food directly under high temperature
Item CodeMaterialThicknessMax WidthNormal LengthTemperature resist
9023PPTFE, Fiberglass0.23mm1250mm30m, 33m, 50m, 100m-73-260℃
Any size can be customized, no matter small rolls like 20cm x 30m or sheets like 30x40cm
Typical applications of nonstick porous PTFE foil would be composite mold release liner. We can customize high tear strength Porous PTFE film sheet to applied in carbon fiber material mold release like laptop case. Our 0.23mm porous PTFE sheet is great release liner when hot pressing the carbon fiber flat material, Teflon fiberglass sheet can also be punched in to a shape conforming to the finished products for mold releasing during the production of carbon fiber products. Higher thickness of porous PTFE are also available like 0.60mm, 0.70mm, 0.90mm and 1mm which will be made into Teflon conveyor belts used during curing and vulcanizing process of PVC and PU carpet titles, the fabric texture will remain on the products to make carpet anti-slip.
Mutiflon offers wide range of PTFE coated fabrics
Teflon coated fabric is the best material to make into insulation jacket for pipe line and chemical tank: MT9038HD, MT9045HD
Make into Teflon conveyor for curing process of plywood and PVC carpet: MT9090A, MT9100A
Self adhesive Teflon fabric is used for PVC window welding: MT7011AJ, MT7013AJ
Nonstick lamination sheet for hot pressing in production of FPCB: MT9015AJ, MT9018AJ
Nonstick baking liner and BBQ mat
Data sheet of 9023P
ProductBasic MaterialCoating Material
Standard Width1000mm, 1250mm39inches, 49inches
Coated Weight278g/m28.20 oz/sq yd
PTFE Content26%26%
Tensile Strength460 N/cm Warp263 lbs/inches Warp
430 N/cm Weft246 lbs/inches Weft
Temperature Resistance-73-260℃-100-500℉
Normally PP film + export carton + wooden or plastic pallet
Any other packing can be customized, like printing your logo on paper tube or outer carton
What are your product range?
Jiangsu Mutiflon Hi-Tech Co.,LTD provides PTFE foil and fabric, Teflon heat tape with silicone adhesive, Teflon mesh.
Can you provide free samples? How about the courier cost?
We can provide A4 format size samples for free, and customers need to take charge of the freight cost.
What's our delivery time?
Within 5000 square meters: 7~15 days after payment or deposit received.
5000~10,000 square meters: 15~25 days after payment or deposit received.
What's your payment methods?
T/T, L/C, Paypal or Western Union.
What's your shipping port?
Shanghai, Ningbo or according to customer's request.Porous PTFE Coated Fiberglass manufacturers

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