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1. Product Description
Fluoride polyester release film is generally named as release liner, made of 0.075mm or 0.050mm polyester film, which is with fluoride release treatment. It is of good aging release, and stable release force, matching well with our silicone tapes for die cutting. Especially, we have 1300mm fluoride release liner for laminating with our 1280mm silicone polyester powder coating masking tapes.
2. Application
Laminate to silicone tapes for die cutting.
Laminate to double sided tapes.
3. Advantage
√ Stable quality, exporting worldwide for more than 10 years;
√ Reasonable price to distributors and end users;
√ Guaranteed lead time
√ Professional customer service
4. Technical Data
ColorTransparent clear
Base MaterialPolyester film (0.075mm)
AdhesiveFluoride release
Total Thickness0.075mm±0.005mm
LengthFrom 66M to 1000M ±0.5m (Standard)
Width1030mm ±0.2mm
1300mm ±0.2mm
Release Force10g/25mm (Average)
2g~20g available
5.Storage Condition
Keep in dry and clean place, under normal temperature at 15℃~30℃, 65%RH.
Shelf life is 12 months after production date.
Sample: free sample for small rolls, freight collect.
MOQ: no MOQ.Release Film price

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